A Play for the (Viral Video) Ages

It was an awesome baseball play. A young ballplayer rounding third, trying to score as his team rallies from a deficit late in the game. As he rounds third, he sees the throw is going to beat him by a couple of steps. The catcher blocks the plate as he takes the throw. The young ballplayer does the only thing he can do in this situation; he leaps into the air executing a perfect somersault over the catcher landing hands first on home plate, untouched by the stunned catcher. Safe!

I remember reading a passage in Richard Ben Cramer’s biography, Joe DiMaggio, The Hero’s Life, in which he described a young DiMaggio scoring the winning run in a game for the Yankees during his rookie season in just this fashion. Of course, they didn’t have TV coverage of the games back then, much less YouTube, so we can only rely on the box score play by play description and our imagination to picture just how such a seemingly unbelievable play unfolds. Until now.

It’s not, however, the legendary Yankee Clipper we see performing this awesome baseball play. Rather, its a young college shortstop from Fordham named Brian Kownacki who made this play for the (viral video) ages.


4 responses to “A Play for the (Viral Video) Ages

  1. Susan Pettenati

    I doubt you’re aware, Rob, that my husband is the biggest Fordham sports fan there is – and watching this on NBC this a.m. made his day. The remarkable thing about it is how completely nonchalant the player is – because, after all, this sort of thing happens every day.

  2. I know, that struck me too about how unfazed he seemed to be and how really, really upset the Iona manager seemed to be. I wonder what he was arguing because the runner clearly jumped over the tag. I imagine his argument was something like, “he can’t do that! There’s no flipping in baseball!”

  3. Susan pettenati

    Right? You have to go to fiction – see Redford knock the cover off the ball in “The Natural’ or Sunshine, as quarterback, duck the rusher in Remember the Titans. Everyone loves a trick play, if only for the sheer sudden surprise of it.

  4. I loved the play. I’ve been sending to all the sports fans I know since yesterday.

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