You have too much money; you need to give some of it back now!

I believe there ought to be a law against stupid rich people. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that you should be able to make as much money as people are willing to let you get your hands on. Of course, once you get it, you should be able to enjoy all that money too. There’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence. But sometimes, people do things with their money that is so outrageous, so wildly impractical and so ostentatious that it begs for a law to mitigate such an affront to even the most extravagant senses.

Take for instance the new, solid gold, diamond-encrusted version of the i-Pad from luxury designer Stuart Hughes. Yes, for a mere, $189,000, you can be the envy of the First Class cabin on your next flight to Monte Carlo. Never mind that the weight of all that gold will likely collapse your tray table, spilling your champagne and caviar all over your Armani suit.

So I propose a law. The you have too much money; you need to give some if it back now law. This wouldn’t be a tax; no, no, the government will only find an even more useless way to spend that money. Rather, my law would require a donation to be made, equal to the amount of the offending purchase, to a certified worthy charity like, The American Red Cross, Save the Children or the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for example.

Surely, if someone can afford to throw away $189,000 on a gilded i-Pad, they can afford to make an extra $189,000 charitable donation on top that.  With so many stupid rich people behaving so badly with their money, consider how many families we could rescue from disaster, the starving children we would nourish and the lives we can save with my new law.


One response to “You have too much money; you need to give some of it back now!

  1. I hear you. But I’m torn:

    Part of me feels this way when I order an ice cream. But would it really be fair of me to support a restriction which will likely never apply to me.?

    You can always return the iPad, Rob.

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