Oreo Whispers, Awkward Brothers and Other Memorable Moments from Super Bowl XLVII

ImageFrom pre-game to post-game this Super Bowl was packed with memorable moments. Heretofore is a Bakers dozen of my favorite memorable moments from Super Bowl XLVII:

  1. The Sandy Hook Elementary kids singing “America the Beautiful” with Jennifer Hudson. Spine tingling.
  2. The Jacoby Jones kick-off return. He saw daylight from the back of the end zone and ran for it. Best start to a Super-Bowl second half since the Saints pulled off their on-side kick in Super Bowl XLIV.
  3. The Black Out. How surreal was that when the lights went out? And the frenzy that followed was very entertaining.
  4. John Harbaugh ripping the poor NFL guy a new one while they scrambled to get the lights back on. He just wanted some F***ing answers, was that too much to ask?
  5. The Ravens defense denying the 49ers in the red zone on their last defensive stand to keep the lead.
  6. Jim Harbaugh losing it over the “hold”  – The 49ers can’t whine about this non-call that went against them when they were the beneficiaries of a similar non-call hold to stop a similar Falcons drive to help them win the NFC Championship game. This one  was past 5 yards, but it was a reasonable non-call.
  7. The Oreo Whisper Ad – this was my favorite ad. It was a really fun concept,  that was just the right amount of over-the-top, and memorable. I think there was a slight tie to the product that might be based in a consumer belief, but it was the clear favorite at the Super Bowl party I attended, if that counts for anything. I also thought the Tide, no stain is sacred and the Dodge, Farmer TV spots were also well done and memorable.
  8. The very awkward exchange between John and Jim Harbaugh at the end of game. I certainly hope the two brothers hugged it out later in private, though I’m guessing a topic of discussion at every family get-together for the rest of their lives will be, “it was a F***ing hold!”
  9. Everything Joe Flacco did – he was locked-in and led his team to victory. That MVP trophy and car were well-deserved.
  10. Everything Anquan Boldin did. Every time the Ravens needed a catch, he seemed to be there with sure hands. Flacco owes Anquan a steak dinner and a ride in his brand new Corvette!
  11. Colin Kaepernick. Watching the poise and control of a 25-year old QB in only his 10th NFL start was a pleasure. Barring injury, I’m looking forward to watching a very productive relationship between Colin and the 49ers.
  12. The fake field goal – A gutsy and clever move, even though it didn’t entirely succeed. And props to Justin Tucker for making such a gutsy run and taking not just one, but two hits.
  13. Confetti Angel Celebration – how fun was that watching a large, grown man playing in the confetti as if it were freshly fallen snow.

One response to “Oreo Whispers, Awkward Brothers and Other Memorable Moments from Super Bowl XLVII

  1. Vicki Alexander

    I have to completely agree with 12 of you bakers dozen. We loved the confetti angel!!!! However on your #7, brotherhood had to be the best. Yes, the farmer ad was near and dear to our hearts since Gabe fits all those attributes working a full time job and running his own dairy farm now. My friends, an older crowd, liked Viva young for Taco Bell and sketcher was good with the man running to save the antelope and the fits bump at the end. So my vote goes to the animals and the old folks. Vicki

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