As Winter Wanes (We Hope), A Bakers Dozen of Songs I’m Liking

Despite the cold, I’ve been hearing some awfully hot music the past month or so that’s been helping me cope until the rest of this snow finally melts away. So just for fun, here’s a representative list of some songs I’ve been listening to recently, that I’m really quite liking. Presented in no particular order, a bakers dozen… and it could have been more.

1. Death Cab for Cutie – Black Sun
DC4C has released a few singles in advance of their new album, “Kintsugi,” and all I can say is, wow. Really looking forward to the full album! Here they perform “Black Sun” on Letterman, with Dave failing at geography.

2. Best Coast – Heaven Sent
Another fun, poppy rocker from the Bethany and company.

3. Courtney Barnett – Depreston
Ellen seems to really like Courtney and so do I – here’s a nice performance of “Depreston” on The Ellen Show.

4. Blur – Go Out
After a terrific solo album from Damon Albarn last year, it’s great to have something new from Blur this year.

5. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Ballad Of The Mighty I
Noel Gallagher teams up with Johnny Marr and it’s every bit as good as one would expect!

6. Gang Of Four – Broken Talk (feat. Alison Mosshar)
Down to just one founding member left, nonetheless, they knock it out of the park with this one.

7. Matt and Kim – Hey Now
How fun are Matt & Kim?! This track from the Brooklyn duo does not disappoint!

8. Matthew E. White – Rock & Roll Is Cold
If it didn’t before, Rock & Roll has soul now!

9. Steve Earle and the Dukes – You’re The Best Lover That I Ever Had
Great performance, from a great artist on a great show for a great new album… did I mention it’s great?

10. Frank Turner – Pancho & Lefty
A favorite song of mine by Townes Van Zandt covered by a favorite artist.

11. The Mountain Goats – The Legend of Chavo Guerrero
John Darnielle has to be among the most underrated songwriters around today. Hopefully this infectious tune will help change that.

12. Quiet Company – Seven Hells
It’s been over 20 years since I lived in Austin, but I still have a sweet spot for all things Austin, including this band, Quiet Company.

13. Colony House – Silhouettes
And last, for now, a really catchy tune from a fun trio from Nashville.

So there you go, thanks for indulging me… I hope you enjoyed it, but before I go, I leave you with a plug for a friend who loves to help people discover new music every week,  here: Next Music Show



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