David Letterman and The Day The Music Died

Among the many reasons I’ll be sad to see David Letterman leave the late night airwaves is the music. Of course, music is a staple of all of the late night fare and through the years we’ve long counted on all of the late night shows to treat us to some pretty terrific musical moments, but there’s nothing like Paul Shaffer’s accompanianment and Dave’s response to his musical guests. Sometimes goofy, sometimes awkward but always with heartfelt respect. So it’s only appropriate that Dave has reportedly hand-picked a line up of favorite artists to help him wind down his tenure on late night TV. If this week was any indication, we are in for a special treat.

Starting with last night, it seemed very poignant that Dave asked John Meyer to sing about the day the music died, covering Don McLean’s brilliant “American Pie.” Thursday night’s captivating performance of “Stand By Me” by Tracy Chapman was clearly very special to Dave. And finally here, from Wednesday night, Iron and Wine with Ben Bridwell – complete with Dave awkwardly mixing up the two artists. Of course, the music has not and will not die, but we won’t be treated to it with that special David Letterman/Paul Shaffer flair for too much longer, at least not on a regular basis. All the more reason to savor the Late Show music over the next few weeks. Thanks Dave!


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